yahzilla's revenge

All I need is
MPC 2000XL
Juno G
some shitty dirty old vinyl
a laptop
a bottle of water
and inspiration........... then I'll write it down

for those who know my music… “this is for you” was a learning experience and my first serious effort… it was an honor and a blessing meeting and working with Aquil Heru on the “Bright Lady Sessions” … and at this moment i’m listening to “Yahzilla the Movie”, and i can’t help but to be so proud of that tape for so many reasons… I’m working on another “Yahzilla vs the World”… Not that i have to, but i want to… and it has to be the best ever… like… the BEST EVER… i’m 3 records in.. and moving at a slow pace… but something different will come of this tape… i know more now..